Annette Fazio

With infectious, quick-witted humor and wisdom, Annette Fazio delights audiences with her astonishing story of how she took 4 “NO’s” and turned them into “absolutely’s and grew her  million dollar recipe buisness”.

I'm ready to 86 my stress and reclaim my free time!

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Ordinary People 
Extra-Ordinary Acts

If you long to make a difference, however small, then this book is for you. "Finding...

Keynotes and Seminars

Annette’s titles speak to the current problems your clients are experiencing. More information look here. Some...

Meet Annette Fazio

Of the 10 plus million women-owned businesses, Annette became one of the elite 3.5% to take...

Managers and owners are banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out how they are going to get their work staff to do what they need them to do. Especially if they’re Millennials, consider Annette as a recourse.
Annette works with meeting planners, business owners and corporations of all sizes. She has several signature talks, and the ability to customize workplace leadership topics to fit the audience.
Workshops Titles Include:
Develop A Loyal Staff • Create A Workplace They Want To Be Part Of • Let Employees Become Your Best Recruiters

Show your results and authority Again!

How your business Would Be With Results Like these?

Ashley George

CEO at Company.


Ashley really helped us to convert our visitors to our customers very quickly This has saved us an immense amount of time, allowing us to focus our efforts where it matters most — getting out there and doing what we love!"

Carla Doe

CEO at Company.


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7 Reasons to hire Annette Fazio
You’re looking for an experience that’s instructive and transformational
 You want someone who inspires confidence and hope... not platitudes and hype
 You’re looking for a genuine and engaging presenter to hold your audience’s attention
 You want to give your audience information that actually contributes to their bottom line
 You’re looking to share the Mindset, Skillset and Toolset of a resilient entrepreneur
 150 presentations, no two were ever the same.  You want a customized, tailored and personalized, program so that you get the results your company is looking for and needs
 You want someone who is committed to working with you to resolve your most daunting team building issues

"She was faboulous.  She spoke of real life issues...."

Suzanne Pinkcom

Womens club of Concord 

It was great fun - you bring such joy everywhere you go! I would love to connect! 

Cynthia Davis

She inspired me to find my everyone strengths so I could put them in that spot....

Mike DiNunzio

Fine Folk Pizza owner

Annette Fazio
Annette’s business experience includes a start-up specialty food company, 3 restaurants, and a successful catering business. Annette developed and hosted a Boston Cable cooking show and was an educator for Cordon Bleu.

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